In the current document (from now on, "Terms and Conditions") the terms and conditions of the Web Site (from now on, the "Web Site") www.talenthunter.xyz, www.talenthunter.cc, www.talenthunter.com.do, www.talenthunter.com.mx powered by Mercury Soluciones, S.R.L., addressed on Ave. Rómulo Betancourt #51, Edificio D’Colombina, Suite 401, Mirador Norte, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, are established and they will be applied to the access and use of this Web Site. We really ask you to read this agreement carefully.


While accessing, consulting or using the Web Site, the User (from now won, "You" or "User") accepts to comply the terms and conditions established in this Agreement.


Mercury Soluciones, S. R. L. and the joining companies (from now on, "Talent Hunter") reserve the right to update the current Agreement according to what they consider appropriate, and we recommend to review on a regular basis the Agreement modifications.


The Users of the current Web Site which wants to access and use the Web Site will do it under their own responsibility and they will consider that those accesses and/or uses fulfill the regulations applicable by law in your own country.




The Web Site and its related services offer the Users which has the legal capacity to grand legally binding agreements or contracts according to the applicable law, the underage people are not meant to use the Web Site.




In this act, Talent Hunter grants the User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable and revocable license; to consult and download, temporarily, a copy of the content offered on the Web Site, solely for the User's personal use or within his or her company, and never for commercial purposes.


All material displayed or offered on the Web Site, among other examples, graphic material, documents, texts, images, sound, video, audio, illustrations, software and HTML code (collectively, the "Content") , is the exclusive property of Talent Hunter or the companies that provide such material.


All the Content of the Web Site, including Trademarks, Logos, Slogans is protected by Dominican copyright laws, as well as by other legal provisions applicable to intellectual property rights. Unless expressly provided otherwise in this contract, written authorization of its owners and/or that by legal obligation this is expressly allowed by inheritance repealing laws repealing those currently in force, the User may not:


(i)                  Use, copy, modify, display, delete, distribute, download, store, reproduce, transmit, publish, sell, resell, adapt, reverse the creation process or create derivative products from, the Content. The User will not either:

(ii)                 Use the Content on other Web pages or in any means of communication such as, for example, in a network environment, without the previous written authorization of Talent Hunter for this matter.




The Web Site offers the User a forum to obtain employment and professional information. By providing or entering the information on the Web Site ("User Information"), the User grants Talent Hunter a permanent, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license and right, for the maximum time allowed by applicable law. The User acknowledges and accepts that Talent Hunter is only a passive forum through which users can find employment or obtain information on a professional level; Consequently, it does not check or control User Information and does not assume any guarantee to grant the accuracy or veracity of the information submitted by users.


Talent Hunter reserves the right at its own free JUDGEMENT to censor, delete, remove, refuse to reflect or block any User Information that Talent Hunter considers as restricted. The User assumes and accepts that Talent Hunter may keep a copy of the User Information, and disclose such information to third parties if it deems it necessary to protect the integrity of the Web Site, protect the rights of Talent Hunter, comply with a court or law enforcement order, comply with any legal procedure, enforce the rights and actions that assist Talent Hunter under this Agreement and/or satisfy any request regarding the infringement of the rights of third parties.



By accessing and using the Web Site, the User agrees NOT to:

a)       fail to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards at the local, provincial, state, national and international levels that are in force, as well as any other applicable legislation such as the laws against labor discrimination or the laws for equal employment opportunities, when appropriate.

b)      infringe intellectual property rights, among others, patent rights (copyright), database rights, trademarks or know-how of third parties;

c)       download, send, transmit or store material that is illegal, offensive, defamatory, fraudulent, misleading, misleading, harmful, threatening, hostile, obscene or reprehensible; infringes the contractual or confidentiality obligations of the User; harm or interfere with the normal applications of the Web Site, such as the sending or transmission of viruses, worms or Trojans, the continuous sending of repeated material or the sending of unusually large files; that is not allowed by Talent Hunter, such as unauthorized advertising material, unsolicited promotional material, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", pyramid direct sales messages, franchises, distribution material, association to a club, sales contracts or any other unacceptable material;

d)      violate the personal and privacy rights of third parties by abusing the Content, such as, for example, continuously harassing or disturbing such people by sending them unsolicited emails, or by collecting personal information;

e)       contravene, or attempt to contravene, the security measures of the Web Site; use any device, procedure or mechanism, such as spiders and tracking robots, to locate, rescue, search, or access the Web Site or the Content, without the prior written consent of Talent Hunter as well as accessing or attempting to access to the account or login of third parties or companies indicated on the Web Site; copy, modify, reproduce, delete, distribute, download, store, transmit, sell, resell, publish, reverse the creation process or create derivative products from the Content, except for the material sent by the User himself and that is your property, or if authorized by applicable intellectual property laws;

f)        send or provide incorrect, false or incomplete information, in relation to the curriculum vitae, biographical data, contact information, the date on which he began to work or the User's company profile, impersonating another person or company and / or falsify data about yourself, about your association with third parties or about your company.

g)       use the Web Site in an unauthorized manner or for any criminal activity;



In addition to the general obligations indicated in Article 5, the User must use the Web Site only for the legally permitted purposes of seeking employment and gathering professional information, for which he compromises to provide and keep his/her personal data in a complete, correct, updated and truthful; Likewise, it is obliged to send only material on which the User has the corresponding rights or license to do so. The User understands that it is his/her responsibility to use his/her own criteria and common sense when managing employment opportunities, as well as the information obtained through the Web Site and consequently you assume the risk of trusting the content or using the information provided by third parties.



When the User utilizes the Web Site, he/she can choose to open an account on the Site. In that case, the User will receive the corresponding virtual account number and initial password. It is the sole responsibility of the User to maintain the confidentiality of those virtual account numbers and password, frequently update and check the password, as well as immediately notify Talent Hunter if the User becomes aware of an unauthorized use of their account or of any breach of security measures.



The User understands and accepts that Talent Hunter is not a contracting company and that the use of the Web Site does not guarantee that he or she will receive a job offer, nor is it responsible for the veracity of those received or for the hiring decisions made by the bidders. Talent Hunter will do the best effort to review third party material and will only allow the inclusion of material that, to the best of its knowledge and belief, does not violate applicable law; however, Talent Hunter will not assume any responsibility for the material sent by third parties.



The Web site may have links, such as hyperlinks or links, that indicate access to third-party Web pages (the “Related Sites”). Although Talent Hunter reviews third-party material, it cannot control or track Related Sites, therefore, Talent Hunter will not be responsible for the accuracy, security, or reliability of material, information, or content on such Related Sites.

The inclusion of the Related Sites on the Web Site does not imply any relationship or association between Talent Hunter and the owner of the Related Sites, nor does it imply an endorsement or promotion by Talent Hunter of such Related Sites. Talent Hunter includes the Related Sites only for the User's convenience, the User is the only responsible for accessing the Related Sites.

The User must use the Related Sites under his/her own responsibility and for this we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy notice that governs these pages.

Links to our Web Site are not allowed without the express authorization, prior and written, of Talent Hunter. The User may not, either alone or in collaboration with other people, create or install links from their own Web Site or from third party Web Sites, to this Web Site (whether through hypertext links, deep-linking, framing, by coding or in any other way), not in whole or in parts, without the prior written consent of Talent Hunter related to this regard.



Talent Hunter will process all personal information that the User enters or facilitates through our Web Site in accordance with the Web Site's Privacy Notice and the terms and conditions related to it in this contract.



Talent Hunter is responsible who transfers and the Employer/Recruiter User is responsible recipient, therefore, in compliance with the legal provisions in force, the Employer/Recruiter User when hiring the service, is obliged to:

·         Designate a qualified person, responsible for the recruitment process.

·         Comply with the law of protection of personal data, ethics, morals and good customs in the treatment of data.

·         Maintain the confidentiality of personal data, using them only for the purpose of recruitment, selection and hiring of personnel and for no other purpose.

·         Not to transfer to third parties, personal data that it receives in its capacity as responsible recipient, except by provision of a competent authority.

·         Guarantee that only its employees responsible for the recruitment, selection and hiring process will have access to the transferred data and that none of them will give a different treatment to the aforementioned.

Talent Hunter disclaims any past, present or future liability arising due to leakage, misuse and non-agreed use of personal data transferred to employers/recruiters, so that in case of contravention of the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions agree to grant safe conduct to Talent Hunter, assuming full responsibility for any damages caused by this situation, understanding that the damages are economic determined by an agreement or a relevant authority.



The Web Site is intended for Users who are looking for work and for recruiters of companies looking for candidates to offer them employment. The User must occupy this Website with legitimate intentions observing the compliance at all times of the Terms and Conditions and to be specific we write the Rules of Behavior, Rules of Content in Publications and Security Recommendations described below, which in case of lack of seriousness and non-compliance will result in the suspension or cancellation of the use of the Website.


General Aspects

Talent Hunter is at your disposal through the contact information indicated in the Privacy Notice and at the end of this document so that in case there is any doubt about these rules, you can formally ask your question through the means we have established for that purpose. Also Talent Hunter does not assume responsibility for the appropriateness of the Website outside of the Dominican Republic as it was not designed to be used outside of the Dominican Republic, considering that it may be illegal for minors in certain countries. In the event that you access the content of the Website outside the Dominican Republic, you are acting on your own behalf and at your own risk and that makes you responsible for compliance with applicable laws in your location. Users agree to use the Website in accordance with current legislation, Privacy Notice, Terms and Conditions agreed, ethics, morals, good customs and public order, so we are excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may be caused by and to third parties as a result of the services provided by Users recruiters/employers through the Website, including those situations in which users could occupy all or part of the Website to enrich their job offers and infringe, knowingly or not, intellectual and industrial property rights, professional or business secrets, contractual relations, privacy of persons, image, honor, rights owned by third parties and any other nature affecting third parties; acts of unfair competition, illegal advertising, lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, relevance and/or validity of the content transmitted, disseminated, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible through the services provided by third parties through the website and mobile application; non-compliance, delayed performance, defective and incomplete performance or termination for any reason of the obligations assumed by third parties, contracts made with third parties, vices and defects of any kind of the services provided through the website. The User shall not assign or transfer its obligations under these terms, these conditions constitute the entire contract between the User and Talent Hunter with respect to the use of the Website. Talent Hunter reserves the right to suspend in whole or in part your account and/or withdraw access to the Website, at any time and without notice, for failure to comply or breach of these Terms and Conditions.


Rules of Behavior

Let's remember that the purpose of the Web Site is to create links with companies looking for workers and workers looking for a job, based on the above, these links must comply with interactions based on the respect of the time of both parties, for this it is necessary to observe the following.

a.       Demonstrate a genuine interest; in a published vacancy or in a candidate, this with the purpose that, if any recruiter is interested in a candidate and advances in the process, some of the parts feel insecure and even desist of the process, it would mean that both will have lost valuable time and opportunities to find an ideal candidate and an ideal job, even more the image that both employer and candidate project will be severely affected. It is even very important to show genuine interest since months may pass and, once hired, both users (recruiter/employer and applicant/candidate) may be disappointed.

b.       Treat each other with respect at all times.

c.        Apply by the correct means, there is only one way to apply and that is by entering the vacancy and pressing the "Apply" button, although there are recruiters/employers who prefer to call them by phone or send an email, they must indicate this in the job description. It is important to be cautious about this as we recommend respecting the contact hours and above all not to insist in such a way that the image of both is affected. Users may not contact each other for any other matter other than that related to a vacancy posted through www.talenthunter.com.mx, www.talenthunter.com.do, www.talenthunter.xyz and www.talenthunter.cc.

d.       Users must make applications in a personal capacity, these may not be through third parties, since when the contact is made there is confusion on both sides in which the recruitment could be affected. On the contrary, a recruiter/employer User must make the approach in a personal capacity and not through third parties. Since it violates the Terms and Conditions that could result in the cancellation of the service.

e.       In the event that deceit, fraud or bad faith on the part of the recruiter/employer User and/or applicant/candidate User is demonstrated, Talent Hunter reserves the right to terminate the present contract, cancel the contracted service and the accesses, without prior notification and without reimbursement of the previously contracted services.

f.        You can report an Anomaly through Support please use this option responsibly, we also inform you that this portal does not disable the publication of the vacancy, but from this moment Talent Hunter will initiate an investigation to determine whether the report is or is not supported and, subsequently as a result of our investigation may be quarantined or even be permanently suspended the announcement and the User responsible for its publication. Likewise, if a recruiter/employer decides to report an applicant/candidate, the pertinent investigations will be carried out and will be supported with official evidentiary documentation to avoid abuses and at a given moment demonstrate before competent authorities that we have acted in accordance with the legislation in force. We may suspend or cancel the use and access to the Web Site of such Users.

g.       For the above mentioned we will not be responsible for the behavior of individuals, but we are committed to investigate and take concrete actions that we consider to be the best for both parties and for the Website.


Posting Rules

a)       The material you write and publish on the Web Site must not contain:

                                 I.            Redirection (by means of links or URL addresses) to candidates to other sites that could violate the personal or virtual security of candidate Users. Therefore, links that have not been previously contracted and included in our Recruitment Packages are not allowed. In such case, the links must direct the candidate exclusively to the site with the home page domain of the Employer/Recruiter User, or any variant of that domain.

                               II.            Mass recruitment events such as job fairs, information meetings, coaching sessions or other events.

                             III.            Sensitive personal data or unauthorized contact data published in non-permitted spaces.

                             IV.            Profile descriptions that are discriminatory or violate human rights.

                               V.            Material that requires or infringes copyrights, confidential information or corporate secrets (unless they have ownership of the rights and/or permission of the author for publication).

                             VI.            Material that violates the privacy or publication rights of other individuals or entities.

                           VII.            Material that is sexually explicit, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, harmful, offensive or embarrassing to another person or entity.

                         VIII.            Solicitation of personal and/or independent professional services remunerated as assimilated to wages and salaries and not as a wage or salary.

                             IX.            Job offers where the candidate hired:

                                                               i.      does not have the minimum conditions stipulated by the Laws related to the Labor regulation of your location, does not receive at least the minimum daily wage and does not receive minimum benefits of Law, including registration to the social security system of your location.

                                                             ii.      Working conditions in the country of destination, inferior to the country of origin.

                                                            iii.      Working conditions in the country of destination that do not comply with the minimum established.

                                                            iv.      That only charge by commission or that offer a minimum salary and benefits that will be deducted from their commissions or pay their social benefits by any mechanism that are onerous for the applicant/candidate User.

                                                             v.      Propose business orders, franchises, membership clubs, product distribution, require a capital investment or initial payment, pyramid schemes or multilevel companies, informal savings and investment mechanisms or stock market investments (FOREX) that are presented as an employment opportunity.

                                                            vi.      Go to unpaid training in order to be hired.

                                                          vii.      Be directly or indirectly linked to terrorist activities, drug trafficking, human trafficking, marijuana farms or clandestine chemical laboratories.

                                                         viii.      Be deceived into slavery in forced labor, sex slavery, forced begging, forced labor on farms isolated from their families and/or the outside world or at sea that may go for years without seeing the shore, among other forms of slavery.

                               X.            No language other than Spanish and English.

                             XI.            False, inaccurate or misleading information that entices candidates for the purpose of obtaining personal or employment information that he or she would not disclose if the intent of such advertisement was previously known to the candidate.


b)      You shall NOT use your posting(s) to:

                                 I.            Represent on behalf of another natural person or entity whether living or extinct.

                               II.            Compete with simultaneous postings of the same job advertisement or the same job advertisement on different employer profiles, unless such postings are in different locations.

                             III.            Publish opinions or news, commercial advertisements, promotion of courses and/or products.

                             IV.            Collect massively collect personal data for the purpose of extortion.

                               V.            Exercise espionage or counter-espionage between private and/or governmental entities.

                             VI.            Recruit people to subject them to any form of slavery.


c)       The publications must contain details that clearly transmit to the user the requirements of the job opportunity, its nature, and / or qualities to be possessed as a candidate for employment.

d)      To ensure that the quality of the content published enhances the name of your organization and therefore that of www.talenthunter.xyz so we reserve the right to randomly monitor the content published to maintain the required quality of publications, and may suspend all or part of the publication, to make the necessary changes.

e)       The drafting of content for publications, is the absolute responsibility of the recruiter/employer Users, so they are obliged to comply with current legislation applicable in their location, respect the human rights of persons, equality and non-discrimination, if not observed in the publications will be subject to suspension.

f)        The recruiter/employer Users are responsible for the creation and modification of their content in publications and Talent Hunter will not make any changes on behalf of the recruiters.

g)       It is important that the registration of the companies by the recruiter/employer Users is done with great care since these data will be published in each vacancy (if the plan applies) and, especially the full name and / or company name / corporate name, it is essential your proof of tax status as with this document we will attest to the legality of your organization. In case changes are required, it will be necessary to send additional documentation proving such changes in order to determine whether or not the change is appropriate.

h)      The packages contracted in www.talenthunter.xyz will have the validity chosen by the recruiter/employer User when contracting the plan and if they are not used, they will expire and cannot be used in the future so they must be consumed within the indicated period.

i)         Recruiter/Employer Users and Applicant/Candidate Users must avoid publishing third party content that requires royalties or restricts access to the visualization of information.

Content that does not comply with the Posting Regulations may be suspended in whole or in part without prior notice as the case may warrant and at Talent Hunter's discretion.


Safety Rules

a)       It is a criminal offense to conduct considered as computer hacking which consists of modifying, destroying, causing loss, knowing or copying information contained in computer systems or equipment protected by any security mechanism, therefore the attempt against the Web Site in any of the ways mentioned above will be considered a criminal act and will be in the hands of justice and international instances that correspond to the crime of computer hacking. If it is determined that a user has been involved in such a crime, the use and access to the Website will be terminated.

b)      Users must not access an account that is not their own and may not share the password with third parties, in order to benefit in any way from the use of the Web Site and progressive web application.

c)       Recruiter/employer and/or applicant/candidate users should not send personal data that they consider sensitive and, if they do so, it will be under their absolute responsibility and without responsibility for Talent Hunter.

d)      We recommend that when attending an interview and do not know the location, whenever possible ask for company or notify a trusted person to help them monitor the appointment that the applicants/candidates had, on the contrary, it is recommended that whenever the recruiters/employers conduct an interview it is in a place with minimum security standards for that purpose. In the event that a report is received for any anomaly related to the above and one of the parties has failed to comply with the safeguarding of persons, the use and access to the Website will be terminated. Users when creating their access account are responsible for the accesses created and the passwords assigned, so that any suspicion of security breach must be notified to Talent Hunter and as a recommendation to change their passwords.



What are cookies?

We use cookies on this Web Site. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a web page. With each new visit to the same page, the stored data is retrieved by the main server. They are useful because they allow a Web Site to recognize the user's computer. Cookies cannot transmit viruses and neither do they harm your computer.


Which cookies do we use?

         I.            Strictly Necessary Cookies. - They are the necessary cookies for the proper functioning of the Web Site and can be deleted from our servers. They are generally activated in response to the request for actions such as defining your privacy preferences, access (login) or filling out forms. You can configure your browser to block or notify you about them, but some of the services available on the site may no longer be available. These cookies do not store any kind of personal information.

       II.            Remarketing and Tracking Cookies. - On our Web Site we use tracking cookies provided by DoubleClick. We use them to improve our advertising and provide you with relevant content, improve reporting on campaign performance, and prevent ads that you have already seen from showing. DoubleClick cookies contain the IP address but no other personal information. Sometimes the cookie contains an additional identifier that resembles the cookie ID. This identifier is used to detect a campaign to which a user was previously exposed; but no other personal information is stored by DoubleClick in the cookie. The following information is collected: the browser and operating system that you use, the bandwidth that is being used, the time of day the cookie is accepted, the Web Site you are visiting when the cookie is accepted, as well as your IP address. In addition, Google states that it never links information collected from cookies with data that the company obtains through its other products and services. The collected IP addresses are anonymized after 09 months and the cookie data after 18 months. After that period, they are no longer used.

     III.            Analytical Cookies. - We use technology provided by the Google Analytics service. We use cookies to collect information about the behavior of visitors on our site. This information is used to compile measurements that contribute to improvements in its functioning. These cookies automatically expire six months after your last visit. These cookies collect information anonymously. We do not use them to record personal information about our visitors. The following information is collected: the number of visitors to our Web Site, how visitors got to our Web Site and which pages of our Web Site they will visit. By using this Web Site, you agree that we install these analytical cookies on your computer or mobile device.

     IV.            Social media plugins. - On our Web Site we use buttons so that you can share our content on social networks such as 'Facebook', 'Twitter' 'LinkedIn' and 'YouTube'. For this function, we depend on external scripts. We warn you about the possibility that these platforms collect information about your internet browsing habits, even if you do not click on any of the buttons on our Web Site. Please note that the transmitted data is outside the radius of our control. To know the purpose and scope of the compilation, the conditions of use of your data, as well as how to prevent its use, please visit the privacy policy of the corresponding social network provider.

For more information on how to activate/deactivate and delete cookies, we suggest you consult the privacy policy of the browser installed on your computer (see the options in the help menu available on the browser or consult your provider's web site); For information on the use of cookies on mobile devices and how you can activate/deactivate and delete them, consult the manufacturer's instructions.

If you want to block all Google Analytics cookies automatically, visit the following Web Site: https://Tools.Google.com/dlpage/gaoptout



The User is compromised to indemnify, defend in litigation and exonerate Talent Hunter from all liability, as well as the directors, managers, sales representatives and employees of all of them, against the claims of third parties (the compensation includes, among others, the expenses of the intervening attorneys and court costs) filed based on, or derived from, the User's access to the Web Site and the use that he/she makes of it, the information provided by the User, or the breach by this of the terms and conditions of this contract.



The User acknowledges and accepts that:

a)       The User assumes all risks related to, or derived from, his/her use, consultation or access to the Web Site, the Web Site is provided "as it is" and "according to availability", without any guarantee;

b)      Within the legal limits, Talent Hunter expressly declines in this act, any warranty or liability, express or implicit, legal or otherwise, including, but not limited to: the implicit guarantees of satisfactory quality, suitability for the specific use, prohibition of improper use and those habitual in commercial practice or in negotiations in this sector; And

c)       Although Talent Hunter has anti-virus systems and adopts security measures to protect the Web Site and its content from all types of computer attacks in order to reduce the level of risk, in this act it expressly declines all guarantees regarding:

                                 i.            That the Web Site and its content will always be free of errors or viruses or will never suffer attacks from third parties;

                               ii.            The uninterrupted and always secure operation of the Web Site;

                              iii.            The permanent availability of the site;

                              iv.            That the the Web Site weather or not meets the needs of the user; And

                               v.            The reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity or veracity of the information provided by the user.



The User agrees to assume all risks associated with or derived from the use of the Web Site or the information provided by the user; including, among others, the risks of economic loss, property damage and the costs of negotiating with other users of the Web Site (whether they are strangers, minors, foreigners or people acting under false identities). The User also compromises to exonerate Talent Hunter from all liability, as well as the directors, managers, sales representatives and employees of all of them, against claims, demands or claims for compensation for damages (direct, indirect and supervening) of any type, known or not, that may be interposed based on, or derived from the use of the Web Site, the information provided by the user or the transactions that occur as a result of the use of the Web Site by the user.



Always within the legal limits, the User assumes and accepts that in no case, neither Talent Hunter, nor its directors, commercials, employees or suppliers of all of them, will assume any responsibility for losses or direct, indirect or events (including, but not limited to, property damage and purely economic damage), or loss of profits, loss of customer portfolio, loss of income or data or interruption of use, whatever the cause could be, like breach of contract, extra-contractual liability (including negligence) or breach of warranty - even if Talent Hunter had been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage.

Considering the case in which any jurisdiction prohibits the exclusion of certain warranties, limitation of liability, or disclaimer for certain damages is prohibited in any jurisdiction, Talent hunter's cumulative liability for damages shall not exceed $ 10.00 USD (ten United States dollars).

In any case, the above limitation of liability will not apply to consumers or to damage caused by intent or gross negligence.



Talent Hunter may, at its sole discretion, terminate the services offered on its Web site and remove any Content from it. Talent Hunter may also, at any time, for any justified or unjustified reason and without having to notify its decision in advance, suspend the User's access to any of, or all, the services offered on the Web Site. In the case that the User decides to cancel his/her account, they must stop accessing, and no longer use, the Web Site. Talent Hunter will have no obligation to maintain or return the Information provided by the User, his/her account, his/her virtual account number and his/her password. The User must always have a copy of the Information provided.



The User declares that between him/her and Talent Hunter there is no relationship of employment, association, agency or joint venture, derived from the access and use of the Web Site. This Agreement integrates all the agreements that the User and Talent Hunter have reached in relation to the access and use of the Web Site, and it is additionally subscribed to any binding agreement that may exist between the User and Talent Hunter.

This Contract will be governed and interpreted by Dominican law and the User submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Santo Domingo courts.

If the User consults, accesses, sends information or downloads material from the Web Site from outside the Dominican Republic, he will be solely responsible for his actions and will assume all risks. The User may not use or export the Web Site Content or make any copy or adaptation that violates applicable laws, regulations or standards, including the export laws and regulations of the United States.

The fact that one of the parties does not exercise at any given time or by being delayed in the exercise of the rights and actions included by virtue in this Contract, may not be interpreted as a waiver of them. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of these terms and conditions -in whole or in part- or of the rights derived from this Contract, will not affect the validity or applicability of the other rights, terms and conditions, or the rest of the provision concerned, which will continue in full force and effect, excluding only the flawed clause (or the part that is invalidated in that clause).


Articles 4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 of this Agreement will survive its termination for any reason.

For more information about the Web Site or about this Agreement, contact Mercury Soluciones, S. R. L. by sending an email to: Info@talenthunter.xyz

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